Pineapple Passion

Our Pineapple Passion is made from Fair Trade, organic, green tea exploding with a tropical melody of flavor including pineapple and passionfruit. Seize the moment and savor a little taste of paradise.

The Dragonfly

The dragonfly has been a subject of intrigue in most cultures around the world. Despite its delicate nature, dragonflies have existed on our planet for over 100 million years. They symbolize renewal, positive force, and the power of life in general. The dragonfly’s agile flight and its ability to move in all six directions convey a sense of power and poise, a characteristic that develops with age and maturity. As a creature of the wind, the dragonfly also represents change. Since the dragonfly lives a short life, it symbolizes the virtue of living in the moment and living life to the fullest. You don't get to choose how you're going to die … or when. You can only decide how you're going to live ... now. (Joan Baez). Carpe Diem!