Origins    (Golden Yunnan Black Tea)

Our original core flavor is made entirely with Fair Trade, organic, Golden Yunnan black tea. This superb tea from the Jing Mai Mangjing region of China's southwestern Yunnan province, is made from the leaves of the 1300-year-old tea trees found there, which are some of the oldest living tea trees in the world. The high mountain villagers climb these ancient tea trees to harvest the new growth leaves and buds used to create this full-bodied tea. If you’re a black tea lover, you’re sure to enjoy our Origins variety.

The Black-Necked Crane

As a symbol of peace and longevity, black-necked cranes have been respected by Tibetian Buddhists for centuries as, according to legend, previous incarnations of the Dalai Lama have been carried from monastery to monastery on the backs of these sacred birds. They are one of the three treasured animals of China along with the Giant Panda and the snub-nosed monkey. Once heavily poached, this now vulnerable species endemic to the Tibetan Plateau is further threatened due to wetland destruction and vegetation degradation. Established in 2006, Huize reserve in the Yunnan Province is home of the world’s largest winter habitat for the black-necked crane.

Today, 11 of the 15 crane species worldwide are threatened with extinction. The International Crane Foundation (ICF) supports effective conservation programs in over 20 countries where cranes need help. The same challenges facing people – environmental degradation and growing demands on diminishing supplies of fresh water – impact the survival of cranes. ICF is dedicated to identifying and implementing constructive solutions that address the urgent needs of people while protecting cranes and the natural places on which they depend.

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