Ginger Orange

Our Ginger Orange is made from Fair Trade, organic, premium quality Sencha-style green tea along with a harmonious combination of sweet, juicy orange and warming, zesty ginger notes.

The Honey Bee

We rely on honey bees for one-third of our food supply, directly attributed to their pollination of more than 100 crops including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds and the livestock that are dependent upon bee-pollinated forage plants such as clover. No human activity or ingenuity has been identified nor developed to replace the work of bees and yet this work is largely taken for granted. So when honey bees are in danger, we are too! Honey bees have been around for 160 million years but there is a crisis unfolding due to a little understood phenomenon called colony collapse disorder. You can help mitigate this phenomenon by cultivating a garden with a diverse mix of plants that attract bees. Cluster large, dense patches of like flowers keeping part of the garden wild (versus manicured) since bees don’t discriminate between weeds and cultivated flowers. Finally, eliminate pesticide use and support your local beekeepers and farmers’ markets!