Masala Chai

Our Masala Chai (Spiced Tea) is made with Fair Trade, organic, Indian black tea blended with organic spices formulated from a traditional South Indian recipe that includes green cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and black pepper.  Its distinctive spice blend gives our kombucha a warming, apple cider-like flavor.

The Chinese Nightingale

The Chinese Nightingale or Pekin Robin is a beautiful songbird usually found in India, the Himalayas, Burma, southern China, and Hawaii. This species is a bird of the hill forests, found in every type of jungle though it prefers pine forests with bushes.

In the Hans Christian Anderson literary fairy tale, The Nightingale, the Emperor of China is smitten by the song of the nightingale and orders one be brought to him. The Emperor is so delighted with the nightingale’s beautiful song that he decides to keep him captive. The caged bird refused to sing or eat and eventually escapes back to the forest. The Emperor is then given a toy bird as a replacement but eventually the mechanical bird breaks down and a few years later, saddened by not hearing the melodic song, is taken deathly ill. Upon hearing of the Emperor’s condition, the real nightingale returns to the palace to sing for him once again. Death is so moved by the nightingale’s song that it departs and the Emperor recovers. Every night afterwards, the nightingale would leave the forest and return to the Emperor's window. The Emperor never again tried to cage the nightingale realizing that the bird needed his freedom to create beautiful music.