What's that floating
in my kombucha?

Our kombucha is raw meaning that it has never been pasteurized nor heat treated. As a living product, new cultures will continue to form even once bottled. Sometimes they are clear, like egg whites, and other times they are brownish in color. These cultures are harmless and indicate that the beverage is live and rich in probiotics. It's completely edible (go ahead, be bold) but if you prefer, please strain.

Our ProductsKarma Kombucha is craft brewed using only the finest quality ingredients and carefully controlled fermentation conditions to ensure each batch meets our high standards and is absolutely delicious. We start with filtered water. Our filtration system removes chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, lead, trihalomethanes (from solvents and refrigerants) and other volatile organic compounds to enhance purity and promote optimal fermentation conditions. This water filtration system is no-waste, uses biodegradable filtration media, and is environmentally-friendly. Our cultures have been meticulously grown over successive generations to ensure our kombucha is healthy and rich in probiotics.

Our kombucha is entirely organic which means it’s better for you and for our planet. The USDA Organic symbol is your assurance that our tea, sugar, and cultures have been produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, sludge, irradiation, nor genetic modification and that our brewing and bottling processes meet high standards for quality control and food safety.

Our teas and sugar are sourced from certified Fair Trade producers who protect the farmers in developing countries from being exploited and from insolvency due to price fluctuations for these commodity crops. Certification requires that our suppliers pay farmers a fair price (usually 10% or more above current market prices) for their crops plus a premium if their products are certified organic. The farmer, in turn, uses that money to pay their workers a living wage, provide safe working conditions, hire adults only, and use more environmentally-friendly farming methods.

Our kombucha is not pasteurized, heat treated, diluted nor processed to kill or reduce the beneficial microorganisms. It is raw and rich in probiotics as kombucha was intended to be. Bottom line, with Karma Kombucha you get great-tasting, better quality products while helping to improve lives and promote better stewardship of our planet.

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